Sunday, January 6, 2008

ProPresenter Rocks!

I just did two back to back youth conferences using ProPresenter for the first time and the software really rocked! As the main guy to switch between Keynote, DVD, and ProPresenter, everything worked smoothly as it should have. The only glitches were operator error and experience will fix some of those. But both venues reported a much improved lyric presentation and asked me back for next year.

One of those conferences involved over 3,000 students with By the Tree, who led them in a weekend of worship. The band often just followed the Spirit in the songs that they often sung and at one point, I was switching between the choruses of two different songs that they were singing in an amazing mashup! And it was cool because the video guys used a luma key so I could present the lyrics in the bottom third of the screen over live IMAG video.

One funny story is that I had a DVD cued up in ProPresenter to play halfway into a service. The video started to play just fine along with the audio but after a minute, my wakeup software that automatically launches and plays iTunes came on and took over the audio. I had incorrectly set my alarm time so it was my fault completely. It's one of those caveats of using a computer that isn't totally dedicated for presentations.

3 comments: said...

Hi Kevin. Would you recommend buying pro presenter? I use a MacBook Pro and I have always used powerpoint for presenting just because its basic and easy. I want to take it a little further but there seems to be so much competition. I noticed mediashout isnt going to be made for macs so that must be out of the question!

Hows ur iPhone.


Kevin Ledgister said...

Absolutely I would recommend ProPresenter. It's much better for maintaining a library of songs and building a song list is done the Mac way, i.e. drag and drop.

The newest version which I downloaded has even better tools for handling DVD media and being able to display text over live video from your iSight camera or from a video camera hooked into your FireWire port.

But most of all, because of its layout, I found it to be the best one when working in a high pressure environment where I had to control multiple sources (Keynote presentation, DVD clip, lyrics, and announcement) and make them flow smoothly.

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