Friday, January 18, 2008

MacBook Air - One Less Burden in Ministry

If you haven't already seen it, jump down to and check out the MacBook Air. It is a cool new, ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin MacBook with a shiny, taut aluminum skin.

If you're tempted to bite into this wicked looking fruit, you might want to think of your ministry needs and concerns before doing so. Part of the reason is that you are paying a premium for looks so you can gauge your flock's response to a computer in designer duds.

This beauty is designed for people who love the look, can live in a wireless world, and have minimal need for optical media. There are a few things that you can do to overcome those moments when an all-wireless situation is not possible, such as networking (you gotta buy an affordable adapter), or when you need multiple USB devices (use a portable hub, they're cheap too).

But if you need Firewire, such as connecting up to a so-equipped digital video camera, you will have to look elsewhere.

Otherwise, the MacBook Air would be a great travel companion that doesn't conspire to make us all one-armed neanderthals like most notebooks. Ministry has enough burdens as it is already.

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