Saturday, November 10, 2007

Simple Church

I have become a big fan of the Simple Church concept because it helps churches to focus on the process of discipleship and not on creating or maintaining programs as a shotgun, hope something happens approach to discipleship. I'm not talking about the house church movement but what Rainer and Geiger talked about in their book, The Simple Church. You can read much of the book online here

What I did is use Keynote to create a QuickTime that you can click through to watch a presentation. The version on this website converted to flash so it doesn't allow for manual control that the QuickTime version does. There is no audio but it was all done without any special tools, plug-ins, etc. Just goes to show some of the cool things you can do with Apple technologies to get your point across in a high quality way.


Bill Reichart said...

Love the video!

We just reading Simple church last spring and it revolutionized the way we thought and did church. It was one of the best books I've read this year. But one interesting insight as we have applied it is that church should and can be simple for those in the church. But for me and the other staff who are involved intimately in the design and the process - it is nothing simple, but rather it can be very complex and a lot of hard work to create a simple church.

bill from ProvocativeChurch

Kevin Ledgister said...

That is very true. The process of becoming a simple church is not easy and part of the challenge is learning to think simply.

I find Macs very easy to use and support even in complex environments but it probably requires a very high order of complexity in programming behind the scenes to make things intuitive for the user.